Here are the integrations that you can configure on the product after installation.

1. File Structure

If you want to change any text on site or want to change the privacy policy or terms & services page you can do so by changing it in files located in the following directories.

If you want to change anything on Main Page

  • home.php

Components of Main Page

  • footer.php

  • HEAD.php

  • header.php

  • hero.php

  • theme-switch.php

  • video-box.php

If You want to change Privacy Policy & Terms and Services page

  • privacy-policy.php

  • terms-and-conditions.php

2. Ad Codes

You can use any ad network codes just replace your ad code in the respective ad block.

Files which contains Ad codes:

  1. \app\Views\home.php

  2. \app\Views\components\hero.php

  3. \app\Views\components\video-box.php

How to replace ad codes:

In the above-mentioned files find the following code and replace it with your own ad unit code

Find the following code to replace with 728x90 Banner Code

<div class="placeholder">728x90</div>

Find the following code to replace with 300x250 Square Code

<div class="placeholder">300x250</div>

Find the following code to replace with 160x600 Ad Code

<div class="placeholder">160x600</div>

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